Gail Smuda

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              Gail Smuda



My work has evolved over the years but continues to focus on books and fiber and a combination of these two areas. I have been adding story telling as a new component of the books and I enjoy the idea of the ever expanding possibilities this affords me.

Much of my work tells the story of women and women’s work with  special emphasis on the end of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries.

The books may tell a story. Sometimes it’s told in imagery and sometimes in words.

To paraphrase Lucy Lippard in, “Lure of the Local”, I feel art should be specific enough to engage people on the level of their own experiences, layered and complex enough and unfamiliar enough to hold people’s attention once they have been attracted and evocative enough to make people recall related moments in their own lives and provocative and critical enough to make people think about issues beyond the scope of the work, to call into question superficial assumptions.